/Go Topless Day Venice Beach Brings Religious Backlash

Go Topless Day Venice Beach Brings Religious Backlash

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By Veronica Leroux, TGT Staff Writer

On Saturday, August 26 (Women’s Equality Day) hundreds of women and allies stood up against the double standard and sex/gender discrimination of criminalizing women’s taking their tops off at the beach while allowing men to freely air themselves. GoTopless Day was organized by GoTopless.org. The informational event was a way for women to demand the right to go topless on an equality basis matching that enjoyed by legal males.

The religious right AKA Bible Legislation Authority was quick to demonstrate, claiming that children were being abused and holding signs warning sinners of a hellish fate should they continue their demands for fair legislation on the issue. When asked by TGT about why they were demonstrating, a demon-strator responded immediately with “are you a man or a woman?” When pushed he stated that they were there to let us know that the feds would “soon be chipping everyone with the 666 Mark of the Beast Chip”. He would not give a name for the quote. We have been scratching our heads to determine what tracking devices would possibly have to with gender topless equality. Perhaps he confused “beast” with “breast”. To extrapolate, a check of Holy Bible verses discussing women’s breasts only mention the beauty of women’s bodies and motherhood along with faithful marriages.

One would think that if the government were offering free breast implants there would be a large number of women in line for the services. We will watch for details on that. We’d venture to guess the 666 implants would be the ones all the gals would be sinning just to get their glands on.

The GoTopless girls were friendly and curious about trans issues as it relates to drachonian obscenity laws and wanted my view of the situation after complementing my breasts. I responded that although I have received Gender Confirmation Surgery and breast augmentation, my driver’s license showed female but I’ve never legally changed my gender in court. Therefore as a “legal male” I should be allowed to expose my DD boobs without legal ramifications.

It must have been horrifying for cisgender women to hear that a transgender person could have more rights in certain situations than they would! But to summarize, this seems to be a clear cut issue of a lack of sex and gender equality which effectively gives women less rights to their own body than men have in many states. A list by state can be found on the GoTopless.org site. Canadian women can go topless legally for the interim until the case is decided by the Canadian Supreme Court.

Please do not contact TGT about free Mark of the Beast breast implants as they are only available in the minds of right wing ultra-conservative “Christians” that showed up at Venice Beach presumably for no other reason than to check out some titties in the name of our Lord.