/Jamie Harrell, MBA On Inclusion vs Diversity

Jamie Harrell, MBA On Inclusion vs Diversity

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By Kimberly Knight, TGT Contributor

Transgender business leader Jamie Harrell , MBA @jamieharrellmba speaks by podcast with Kim Crayton @KimCrayton1 about the importance of placing inclusion before diversity, and the business circustances inovlving both.

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Kim has worked in the role of Community Engineer, educator, writer, public speaker, mentor, curriculum designer. She has years of experience an an advocate for diversity, inclusion, and safe spaces in tech. This podcast was originally featured on her website kimcrayton.com

Jamie Harrell is the business intelligence and analytics lead at Emory Goizueta Business School where she earned her MBA in May 2016. Jamie is a trans activist that speaks eloquently on trans* inclusion in the workforce.