/Transmission: A One Tran Show Starring Jade Beauvoir Premieres In Hollywood

Transmission: A One Tran Show Starring Jade Beauvoir Premieres In Hollywood

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By Veronica Leroux, TGT Staff Writer

I was fortunate to be at the World Premiere of an amazing one person show starring Jade Beauvoir on Saturday, June 3 at the Lounge Theater in Hollywood. Directed by Allen Walls, Transmission: A One Tran Show is an intimate account of the life of a transgender person that anyone can relate to.

Jade’s portrayal of Trent/Trinity takes us on a journey through gender transition and all the fear, joy and heartache that goes with it. Ms. Beauvoir’s acting talent is astounding and gives this live show a magical emotional quality that will make anyone care deeply about the character’s well-being and happiness.

The best part about Transmission is that even someone who has never met a transgender person will leave feeling as if they know trans people very well. I don’t use words like magnificent very often, but Jade’s portrayal of the trans experience was just that and much more. “Zhe” shares sorrow, elation, disappointment, and hope about trans subject matter on a level that will touch anyone’s heart, regardless of gender.

The show is fun and entertaining, and at the same time can be sad and deadly serious. Anyone who wants to know what it’s like to live as a trans person through transition will get a brutally honest answer here, as the story is just as educational as entertaining.

Be sure to catch this show at the Lounge Theatre in Hollywood. They’re offering a pay-what-you-can show on June 12 ’17 at 7:45pm. All genders and friendly people are welcome so invite newcomers that wish to learn more about trans people! I’m proud as a trans person to give two thumbs up to both Jade Beauvoir and A One Tran Show!

Tickets and show schedules are available through Transmission’s website at onetranshow.com